High Plains Drafters

Homebrew Club – Cheyenne, WY

Wyoming Brewfest

This year, High Plains Drafters was invited to serve homebrew beer at Wyoming Brewfest in Cheyenne. Due to a change in the homebrew laws in Wyoming in 2015, we are now able to participate in such events as brewers. Twelve beers and two meads were served over the course of two nights. Beverages served were as follows:

Scottish Light – Rusty Brinkman
Cherry Saison – Brian Brothers
Double IPA – Leo Casseli
Hoppy Summer Wheat – Fred Hirsch
Pale Ale – Brian Mertz
Brown Lager – Shawn Miller
Vanilla Porter – Doug Schmidt
Maple Mead – Kent Shook
Saffron Mead – Kent Shook
Rye IPA – Frank Strong
Australian Sparkling Ale – Brent Wickham
English Porter – Brent Wickham
Berliner Weisse – Ryan Willson

The meads were the most popular between the two days, with the vanilla porter, cherry saison, summer wheat, Australian sparkling ale and Berliner weisse all being very popular as well. All beers were very well received by those attending the festival. Unfortunately, not every beer was able to be tapped, but every club member that donated beer had their beer on tap for at least one night. Next year, we will try to balance the serving list out a bit more. Many kegs nearly kicked, but we really don’t need more than 6 kegs per night.

Brian Brothers worked tirelessly to try and recruit many members during the Friday session and we had many others on Saturday looking for meeting information. Many new prospective homebrewers will hopefully be coming to future meetings. We’ll also look at doing more brewing demonstrations for new brewers, as this seemed to be the most requested activity new members are interested in.

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